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Unique piece of blue glass by Xavier Le Normand, contemporary glass artist.
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Candy - blue

Xavier Le Normand

Bright colour, round and smooth shape, the artist takes us into a playful world!

Yellow tinted glass piece
by Xavier Le Normand, french glassblowing artist.
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Candy - Yellow

Xavier Le Normand

Bright colour, round and smooth shape, the artist takes us into a playful world!

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Black Loop

Julien Vermeulen

For his latest creation, the artist Julien worked on his feathers to give movement and perspective. The feathers, textured and inclined, capture light to give a vibrant and luminous black hue.

Unique piece by contemporary ceramist Daphne Corregan
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Construction 3

Daphné Corregan

With this creation, with its full and empty spaces, the artist wonders about how we live in the world...

Large bronze dish by the French sculptor and designer Jean Grisoni
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Aleria dish

Jean Grisoni

With this dish, the folds formed in the material recall the song of the sea movement. The light of the 3 silver staples gives the piece an extra vibration.

Glass piece with green metallic reflections by the french artist Xavier Le Normand.

Scales - green

Xavier Le Normand

Piece of blown glass whose shape takes us to the depths of the ocean. The surface patterns like fish scales. reveal the green metallic reflections of the 2nd layer of glass. 

Unique piece in stoneware by contemporary ceramist Daphne Corregan

Red house with extension

Daphné Corregan

Like a model with compartmentalized and bound volumes, of a dark red-brown colour, Daphne Corregan continues her reflection on man and his daily life, on his way of living in the world...

Bronze candle holder by designer and sculptor Jean Grisoni

Santa Lucia Candle holder

Jean Grisoni

Bronze candle holder designed as a graphic game...

Panel in wood by the sculptor Hoon Moreau

The inimitable ordinary 6

Hoon Moreau

Painting with cross influences of drawing, painting and sculpture.

Chapeau de sorcier

Pascal Oudet

Pascal Oudet transforms the raw oak into real lace. His creations are a subtle play of contrast between matter and light.

Trio of ceramic vases by Daphne Corregan


Daphné Corregan

Trio of vases with African influences.

Contenir le vent 001

Brigitte Marionneau

In the series "Containing the Wind", the artist shares her taste for engraving, ink, architecture and the balance of forms.