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La Commode Corsetée

Hoon Moreau

Half way between past and present, the corseted chest of drawers is suggestive of a certain refinement.

Sans Faim Tables

Marc Raimbault

With a nod to Escher's work, depth becomes width then depth again ...

Orion Cabinet

Nicolas Aubagnac

The Orion cabinet is reminiscent of Renaissance cabinets that were at the time entirely carved in ebony, a symbol of power and wealth.

Pas d'aile

Marc Raimbault

Vestiges of an encounter ... male and female footprints.

Brain d'ébène

Marc Raimbault

Choosing to marry ebony with green slate, this is a study in the harmony between wood and stone.

Tyr Console

Nicolas Aubagnac

The minimalist design of the balusters of the Tyr console was inspired by the rhythmic geometry of the columns of the Segesta Temple in Sicily.

Atys Console

Nicolas Aubagnac

A major opera fan, Nicolas Aubagnac designed the Atys console table to evoke musical staves with its marquetry inlay strip.

Samson Console

Nicolas Aubagnac

The Samson console table conforms to the fundamental rules of the repetition of geometrical shapes, both simple and architectural, so dear to the designer's heart.

Chinami Cube Series

Paul Hoffmann

The spatial arrangement of the cubes resting on their bench, creating uncluttered eyelines, recalls the lightness of Japanese furniture.

Tatoo Cabinet

Paul Hoffmann

Springing from the juxtaposition of identical geometric shapes, Tatoo is the result of explorations of its embossed checkerboard trim.