To breathe life into sculpture, to make it part of everyday life, to find the perfect balance between visual pleasure and functionality.

A graduate of the Beaux-Arts of Seoul and the Camondo School of Paris, for more than 20 years this French Korean artist devoted her expertise to large architectural firms, like Wilmotte & Associates, before fully dedicating herself to sculpture, designing her own collection of contemporary art furniture.

The artist draws her powerful creative inspiration from the log books she kept for her architectural projects, from her many travels and from the beauty of nature and the forest. She invites us to follow her into a wonderful fable from which these astonishing artworks emerge, genuine odes to nature.

Hoon Moreau works especially with oak adorned with metal, bronze, and glass... combining visual pleasure and functionality.

Her plans for 2018 include an exhibition in Seoul at the Posco Museum in conjunction with Peter Klasen on the theme of nature: a return to her roots!

Definitely an artist to follow...

Works by Hoon Moreau

An imposing creation in oak, carved and dyed in mass, by Hoon Moreau, French sculptor.


Hoon Moreau

Volume in oak carved and tinted in the mass, in Chinese ink for a deep black. The back is worked like a relief with a golden slit on the leaf, reminiscent of the stream's course between the rocks.

Fils d’ombre

Hoon Moreau

The organic forms recurring in the artist's work can be found in this folding divider in the shape of butterfly 

La Commode Corsetée

Hoon Moreau

Half way between past and present, the corseted chest of drawers is suggestive of a certain refinement.

Solid oak desk by Hoon Moreau, furniture sculptor.
  • New

Metaphysics 2020 B

Hoon Moreau

A massive base, like a meteorite, with discreet drawers opposes the thinness of the top, bringing lightness and allure to this new creation.

Console in solid oak, sculpted and stained, by Hoon Moreau.
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Metaphysics 2020 C

Hoon Moreau

2 opposite shapes joined together at 3 points to give this oak console a perfect balance. With this creation, the artist approaches a metaphysical reflection on the forms and the meaning to give to his work. 

Mirror le Lac - ellipse

Hoon Moreau

A lake in the undergrowth, roots just breaking the surface of the water... the artist brings outdoor nature into our homes.

Table enchantée Ellipse - Bronze

Hoon Moreau

Ellipse is a bronze side table with a sculpted slot on the top. Its base, patinated in shades ranging from gold to black, evokes the colours of an undergrowth in autumn.

Table enchantée Ellipse - Wood

Hoon Moreau

Ellipse is a solid oak wood side table with a crack carved into the tabletop. Its base tinted in shades ranging from black to natural oak, evokes wooded undergrowth in fall colors.

Oak side table carved by Hoon Moreau, French sculptor.

Tables enchantées - les Doublettes

Hoon Moreau

Coffee table in solid oak with a base carved and stained in shades ranging from black to natural oak. The top has a sculpted slit, the artist's signature.

Pair of tables with organic shapes,  by Hoon Moreau.

Tables enchantées Les Jumelles - Wood

Hoon Moreau

Pair of tables with organic shapes, with a base sculpted and stained in shades ranging from black to natural oak... as an evocation of the undergrowth in autumn. Tray tinted with Chinese ink.

Tables enchantées The twins - Bronze

Hoon Moreau

A pair of tables in organic shapes, patinated in intense colors ranging from gilded bronze to black, evoking wooded undergrowth in fall colors.