Caroline Prégermain

Elegance and self restraint are essential criteria for the choices i make.

Caroline Prégermain, a master glass artist, works to develop new shapes or new ways to use stained glass in order to return it to prominence and prestige in the world of interior design.

In her Saint-Didier studio, which she founded in 1986, the artist designs classic and contemporary stained-glass panels: doors, windows, decor panels, and room dividers. Each piece is cut out, painted entirely by hand and assembled before it’s baked in an oven using processes unchanged for centuries.

By using a wide variety of colors, graphics, figurative and abstract patterns, transparency and opacity, and varying glass specifications, Caroline brims with creativity to let light shine through. Besides restoring antique items, the artist works on international projects in association with major interior design houses.

Trained at the "Olivier de Serres" School of Applied Arts, she received the prestigious title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" (MOF) (Best French Artisan Award).

Her creations are unique and timeless; scenery in the truest sense. They are full of life, capturing and transforming the light hour by hour.

Works by Caroline Prégermain


Caroline Prégermain

This screen with its large central medallion is inspired by the 'grisaille' stained glass panels of the sixteenth century and particularly by the grisaille windows of the Psyche gallery in the Castle of Chantilly.