Marc Raimbault

To go beyond technique in the name of art...

This cabinetmaking designer has been working with wood in his studio for more than 30 years, with just one goal in mind: putting design at the heart of his creative process.

Whether working in the past for top interior designers or now on his own creations, Marc Raimbault's obsession is to innovate constantly to bring the very best to enhance his work - to transcend technique and so produce even greater designs.

Drawing on the depth of his knowledge and skill, he combines traditional materials (precious woods, shagreen, parchment, etc.) with materials from newer technologies (stainless steel, carbon, resin). His works are daring - they play with contrasts with pin-point accuracy: strength and stylishness, self-restraint and elegance, light and shadow. He has no fear of paradoxes. Instead he refuses to give up his right to beat his own path.

He has been recognized by his peers who awarded him the Grand Prix des Métiers d'Art. His works have also received many other awards and honors – in recognition of his outstanding expertise. The French government bestowed on his studio the title "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company). In 2016 he was one of the finalists for the Liliane Bettancourt award for brilliance in craftsmanship.

To understand fully Marc Rimbault's world, you need to meet him half way and see the creation of a piece of art piece as an experiment.

Works by Marc Raimbault

Brain d'ébène

Marc Raimbault

Choosing to marry ebony with green slate, this is a study in the harmony between wood and stone.

Pas d'aile

Marc Raimbault

Vestiges of an encounter ... male and female footprints.

Sans Faim Tables

Marc Raimbault

With a nod to Escher's work, depth becomes width then depth again ...

Torso Lamp

Marc Raimbault

The Torso lamp takes its architectural silhouette from the Turning Torso, a skyscraper in Malmö, Sweden, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava Valls.