Tyr Console

Nicolas Aubagnac
€6,000.00 Available

The minimalist design of the balusters of the Tyr console was inspired by the rhythmic geometry of the columns of the Segesta Temple in Sicily.

Estampillée 4 « A » assemblés en étoile suivis des prénom et nom de l'artiste
Dimensions: L 150 x D 40 x H 75 cm | L 59" x D 15.7" x H 29.5"
Materials: sanded natural oak and blackened solid natural oak; patinated brass base
Original French design and production

The Tyr console echoes this Doric temple, typical symbol of late fifth century BC architecture with its fourteen side columns. Yet this unfinished temple presents us with an aesthetic surprise - its columns were never fluted.

The sanded and varnished natural oak top and base are reminiscent of the local limestone used for temple construction, contrasting with the blackened and varnished oak columns.

A tribute to the sheer majesty of this architectural style, representing the simplest and most ancient of Greek art.

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