Xavier Le Normand
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Opaline - Blown and cut glass with a pearly appearance. In the centre, a depression digs into the piece and captures the light.

Unique piece
Dimensions: H 10 x L 45 x D 35 cm | H 3.94" x L 17.72" x D 13.78
Materials: blown glass
Glass blowing

Whether his pieces are made of blown glass in single or double layer, sculpted, striated or simply polished or patinated, Xavier Le Normand reveals in his creations the sensuality of the material.

The sea and the nature more generally are the creator's sources of inspiration. Its blues, blacks, reds, the shapes they develop, plunge us into the universe of the ocean and the seabed. He likes to say that he is a transmitter: each work is a focus, an observation of the little things in life: a pebble, traces on the sand, corals...

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Yellow tinted glass piece
by Xavier Le Normand, french glassblowing artist.
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