Surface Noire

Julien Vermeulen
€11,000.00 Available

With this series of monochrome feather art works entitled "Surfaces", the artist plays the material off against light to engage our senses around the issues of hunting trophies and wounds.

Unique piece
Dimensions: H 116 x L 81 cm | H 45.66" x L 31.88"
Materials: black goose cosse feathers and red body feathers of golden pheasant

With Black Surface, the creator plunges us into the myth of Icarus: the failure of utopia or the drive towards freedom?

Deep black, the brilliant reflections of the goose pods, cut into bevels, like scales, give this large panel a particular strength; like a deployed wing, a breastplate with metallic reflections. The inner part of the terminal is exposed, giving the panel its shiny appearance under the intensity of light. 

The red bloodletting that runs through the work, made of golden pheasant inebriated, expresses the wound, the gaping wound. It is a deep, natural red.

This decorative panel served as an inspiration for the artist's work during the creation of the "Wall of Illusion" for the Palais de Tokyo in January 2018.

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