Mirror le Lac - ellipse

Hoon Moreau
€2,500.00 Available

A lake in the undergrowth, roots just breaking the surface of the water... the artist brings outdoor nature into our homes.

Limited edition of 8 pieces + 4 Artist's proofs
Dimensions: L 130 x H 58 cm | L 51.18 x H 22.83
Materials: blackened oak, gold leaf, old mirror
Original French design and production

The wood for this mirror has been coloured and carved until it seems to ripple. The piece of oak that seems to pierce it like a claw is covered in gold leaf, giving it a unique sheen.

Both versions of Mirror Lake, whether the round silvered mirror, or the elliptical antique looking glassmirror, take us on a journey through the cycle of the seasons and into a dreamworld.

Hoon Moreau draws her inspiration from nature: oozing lava, a slit in the trunk of an old oak ... imprints of a claw, the work of time, a theme that can be found throughout her work.

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